Blue Genie Art Bazaar 2015: Nov 27-Dec 24

I am proud to say I’m participating in the Blue Genie Art Bazaar again this year! Open 10am-10pm Friday November 24 through December 24th. Come check it out! Second year at 6100 Airport Blvd, across Airport Blvd from ACC Highland Mall campus at Denson Dr. Look for the big blue genie sculpture on the roof!


New flap bags!

Productive weekend in studio, made some flap bags with adjustable straps, and magnet snaps! Finished these in time to avoid the rain 🙂 Preparing for Blue Genie Art Bazaar, November 24-December 24.

I had a bag of similar size in olive canvas I used for years, which finally wore out after 15+ years, and I realized since I found this size/bag so useful, it might work well for others. There is a back shelf pocket, a pen pocket in the side gusset, a patch pocket inside on the lining, and the strap is adjustable (from 50″ to 30″) so you could wear it on a shoulder or cross-body, and so it would fit people of different sizes. There is a snap tab at the top of main compartment, and two magnet snaps to close the flap. I’ve worked out the pattern after making a few, so I’ll be making more asap. Road-testing one now to make sure I’m happy with design.

Flower pins!

Vinyl flower pins with embroidered centers. Big size (4 inches across). Really liking the gold ones 🙂


Adding to my etsy shop, and lightning hopefully only strikes once


The metal roof where the lightning hit


The light switch plate shattered and flew across the room, and this switch looks kind of scorchy

I’ve been listing items on etsy today, with more to come!

The Blue Genie Art Bazaar was good for me, thank you all so much for your support! I sold most of what I had there. I wish I’d been able to make more, but I’ve been out of production due to lightning striking my studio. I’m totally serious, lightning struck my studio. The wiring isn’t quite fixed yet so no overhead light or outlets working. I have to say I feel really very lucky there wasn’t a fire, no one was hurt (my kids were terrified!) and the damage is just around the studio. Ironically I had been working on some pieces with lightning bolt appliques before the storm. Hmm…

I had some surge protectors, not very good ones (a friend gave me one of these Tripp Lite Isobar Surge Protectors after the incident). It was a pretty direct hit (see the photo of the metal roof there on the left, and the scorchy light switch near the point of entry) and I did lose a color laser printer and a wireless base station.

I had just enough hang tags for the stock I had, and display stuff already printed out. And fortunately all my sewing machines and my favorite shop lamp are ok, I can run them with extension cords until the wiring and the lights are fixed up. January is always a good time to refocus and set some goals, now that I’ve recovered from the holiday busy season, and I have some purging and organizing and cleaning to do before I can hunker down in the studio.

Happy New Year!