Sewed up 18 yards (three 18 foot by 54″ pieces?) pieces of super deep shag fake fur. Rockin’ out cuts on my die-cutting press (message me if you need things cut or dies made.) Constructing rainbow dragon wings for parade club (HonkTX is March 22!) Fun projects this time of year.

I’m available for design, custom work, stitcher-for-hire specializing in vinylcraft and leatherworking, whatever you need. I’ve done prototypes for other designers, production, sewing, die cutting (fabric, vinyl, leather, paper, etc. cut beautifully on my press, and I can help get you custom dies made!), repairs, alterations and modifications, teaching, etc.

I forget to mention I can do these things! I’m very grateful for opportunities to use my wide range of skills/experiences earned & learned, and moments when my all-over-the-place job/life history comes together and makes sense 🙂

Thanks for your support and patronage!

(I now have a Services page, with photos of dies, cuts and my clicker press.)
JNA sewing card