Now I know my ABCs… by Hiro, age 2

Hiro (age 2) is learning the ABC song, as well as Bingo, and the Hokey-Pokey.
I think I like his version better.

Flash required

How to Sew An Applique on Vinyl Using a Vintage Walking Foot Machine

I made a little video about stitching detailed appliques, uploaded it to YouTube and added some annotations/notes (not sure if they can be seen in all browsers?)

This machine may date to the 70s (maybe 60s?) I’ve had it since 1995, the second walking foot machine I ever bought.
(I’d like to give a shout-out to Maurice at City Service Sewing Machines, he’s the best in town.)

Please check it out, and let me know what you think!
Thanks xoxo JNA

Blue Genie’s new Oasis retail space

Blue Genie Oasis Gator

Welcome Gator out front


Signage and mural installed

Thursday Blue Genie Art opened a retail shop at the new Oasis complex (Austin Business Journal article) — long-time Austinites who remember the old Oasis with big wooden decks before the huge fire will be amazed at the new incarnation. The new space is like their annual Blue Genie Holiday Bazaar (now in it’s 12th year?) with a more gallery boutique feel, with work from local artists and bazaar veterans and the eclectic funkiness the bazaar has become known for.

I have a display of work there and have been quite busy in the studio preparing for the holiday season..

C'mon in!

Blue Genie @ the Oasis on Lake Travis (Facebook)
6550 Comanche Trail, Austin, TX 78732
ph: (512) 582-0176
Open 10am-9pm daily

Our Visit to the Blanton

Kiddo #1, his Godmother M, and I went to the Blanton for a lunch date, and to check out the Stacked Wave installation I’d read about. Seeing it in real life, experiencing the actual scale was very cool.

Y’s favorite piece was the installation How to Build Cathedrals, with black netting drapes, 600,000 coins, 800 communion wafers, 2000 cattle bones, and 80 paving stones. We had to clear out when Y got too into it (literally).

We should make it out to the museums more often. Y forgets that not everyone is a ‘maker’ as a good percentage of our friends are artists as well. He was sad when he thought boys/men didn’t sew, but i said I can teach him to sew when he’s ready age/focus/hand-eye… but if I come across a good used starter machine I’ll set it aside for him. If it’s pink he can put skater stickers on it, or give it a custom paint job and pimp it out.

How a sewing machine works

Kiddo #1 watched me sewing, got a bit quiet and said he wished he were a girl. Why? Because girls get to do things like sew. Of course I told him some men sew, and in some cultures men knit rather than women, which cheered him up. And I promised to teach him once he was old enough to run a machine safely (I forget if I was 7, 8 or 9 when I learned? 10 with knitting though I know kids learn much younger.)

Then he asked how a sewing machine works. We found two animations online: here, and here. Timing is everything ๐Ÿ™‚ and once it gets out of whack you have to re-time or get serviced (if you’re in Austin, I very highly recommend Maurice at City Service Sewing Machine.)

The machine I usually work on is a walking foot (though my needle moves up and down without the forward-backward motion shown in the video.)

Growing up pre-Internet, we just had a How Everything Works book, nearby library, or Dad to consult. Though most times we figured it out, animation or video (or even good diagrams!) would have been really helpful.

Handmade Austin Women

Handmade Austin Women

Handmade Austin Women 2011 Spring Show

Handmade Austin Women 2011 Spring Show

April 30 & May 1, 2011
Saturday 11a โ€“ 6p
Sunday 11p โ€“ 6p
The Ballroom at SpiderHouse:
2906 Fruth Street
Austin, TX 78705

Handmade Austin Women (HAW) presents our 6th Annual Spring Show and Sale, the first weekend of May. Join us for a family-friendly art event with an eclectic mix of handmade, high end craft, musical marionette matinees featuring handmade puppets and original song, and some energetic DJ funk. indulge yourself with a tasty beverage from the bar at the Ballroom or a coffee from SpiderHouse as you make your way thru the show.

The Handmade Austin Women Spring Show is an annual market that presents unique artisan design and outstanding handcrafted art. We organize our show to promote the profound benefits of sustaining women artists at work here in Texas. We support Austinโ€™s cottage industry and the growing character of our local, independent economy.

Handmade Austin Women is a collective of locally and nationally recognized women artists based in Austin. Dedicated to unique design and the highest quality in handmade work, HAW represents women in the business of art.

Handmade Austin Women are pleased to announce the 2011 lineup:

* Margaret Adie ~ 2D Collage
* Trisha Allen ~ Uniquely Recycled, Art Cards
* Jennifer Chenoweth ~ Contemporary Sculpture & Painting
* Elise Calhoun ~ Modern Mosaics
* Peggy Seeger ~ Handmade Books
* Jean Cannon ~ Vintage Inspired Hats
* Jamie Spinello ~ Cut Paper & Plastic Collages
* Monique Capanelli ~ Botanical Designs
* Lisa Crowder ~ Contemporary Silver Jewelry
* Jaime Jo Fisher ~ Contemporary Art Jewelry
* Alison Young ~ Handmade Belt Buckles
* Lauren Grant ~ Drawings
* Chia ~ Clothing & Accessories
* Catherine Hart ~ Drawings
* Anne Woods~ Metal Sculptures
* Gabel Karsten ~ Paintings
* Christa Mares ~ Sculptural Crochet
* Stephanie Nance ~ Paintings
* Melanie Schopper ~ Functional Ceramics
* Victrola Design ~ Illustrated Apparel

Feel the vibes of DJ Lovecat and the special performances by the Hey Lollies with handmade puppets and original song. Enjoy a beverage from the bar or some tasty treats offered by Cornucopia. Our show grounds are handicapped accessible, but call ahead for special-access arrangements.

This event is supported in part by SpiderHouse Cafe, L Style G Style, Ginko Studios & Women and Their Work. Please contact us for more information.

Super Moon (Full Worm Moon)

Thanks Leslie B for the reminder: tonight is a “Super Moon”, look East around 8 pm. The moon is at apogee (closest to the Earth) AND a full moon as well. Looks 30% brighter and 14% larger than usual! One forecast I checked said we’d have mostly cloudy weather, another predicted clearing this afternoon. If the kiddos can see the moon tonight they’ll dig it. Our neighborhood character(s) will likely be howling at the moon as well (as they do every full moon).

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Lovely Austin Boutique!

My bags and wallets are now available at Lovely, a new boutique on So 1st Street!
*Updated address: They have moved just a few blocks south to a larger and lovelier location! Now at 1506 S. 1st Street and all settled in as of July 20th.* Read more

Blue Genie show opened tonight!

Saw a preview of the show this morning while adding items to my booth, looks really great this year! My friends and family will love the handmade local gifts they get this year, just like every year ๐Ÿ™‚ Read more

9th Annual Blue Genie Art Bazaar: Dec 3-24th 2009

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