Mini succulents garden

My son started a mini succulent garden at our friends‘ holiday party (terrarium and ornament-building stations for the kiddos = genius!), transferred to a Chris Levack olive dish it looks nice, doesn’t it? Concrete counter and tiles are by Eric Billig.


Now open to adults! Kids Masks and Capes class at Stitch Lab

I am so very excited to announce I’ll be teaching a new class at Stitch Lab, Capes & Masks! It’s been great fun putting this project together, and I’ve wanted to work with Leslie and the other wonderful folks there for a long while.

The Kid Masks and Capes class at Stitch Lab (flyer PDF) has been opened up to adults as well, attending with or without kiddos. The next class is scheduled for this Thursday 8/9/2012 8:30 am – 12:00 pm.
“Students will make a super hero or princess cape and mask for hours of creative play time crusading and make believing! (4 or 5 students per class , One (1) 3.5-hour class. All materials provided in class!!)
Prerequisite: Kids Intro to Machine Sewing, Kids Sew Fun Camp, or equivalent experience. Adults and kids ages 7 through 10 welcome!”

I’m also teaching Kids Tote Bags on Friday 8/10/2012 8:30 am – 12:00 pm.
“Students will make a lined, reversible tote bag with a pocket! You’ll feel like a rock star carrying your very own bag, made by YOU in the fabrics of your choosing! (4 or 5 students per class , One (1) 3.5-hour class. All materials provided in class!!)”
Adults and kids ages 7 through 10 welcome!

Getting closer to Halloween

I love this one, and will be asking Y to make all our signs and labels.


Now I know my ABCs… by Hiro, age 2

Hiro (age 2) is learning the ABC song, as well as Bingo, and the Hokey-Pokey.
I think I like his version better.

Flash required

Our Visit to the Blanton

Kiddo #1, his Godmother M, and I went to the Blanton for a lunch date, and to check out the Stacked Wave installation I’d read about. Seeing it in real life, experiencing the actual scale was very cool.

Y’s favorite piece was the installation How to Build Cathedrals, with black netting drapes, 600,000 coins, 800 communion wafers, 2000 cattle bones, and 80 paving stones. We had to clear out when Y got too into it (literally).

We should make it out to the museums more often. Y forgets that not everyone is a ‘maker’ as a good percentage of our friends are artists as well. He was sad when he thought boys/men didn’t sew, but i said I can teach him to sew when he’s ready age/focus/hand-eye… but if I come across a good used starter machine I’ll set it aside for him. If it’s pink he can put skater stickers on it, or give it a custom paint job and pimp it out.