Mini succulents garden

My son started a mini succulent garden at our friends‘ holiday party (terrarium and ornament-building stations for the kiddos = genius!), transferred to a Chris Levack olive dish it looks nice, doesn’t it? Concrete counter and tiles are by Eric Billig.


Lego build tray project

I am making some DIY lego build trays, inspired by this tutorial I found via pinterest (my lego pinterest board is here.) Instead of building the wooden framed board in the tutorial, I ordered 2 plastic handled trays in white, 2 10″ x 10″ plates, and a set from BrikTek that are supposed to be cross compatible. Judging by the measurements given in the Amazon listing, both trays should fit within the framed area of our Ikea Latt kiddo table, and the plates should fit within the tray area. We’ll see how accurate their measurements are…

Edited 1/25/13: I bought additional pieces at the lego store and was going to glue the boards together when hubby took over the project (he had the liquid nails adhesive at his studio.)

He cut the green plates on the bandf saw before gluing, and some of the gray small plates I bought so the final configuration was: