If this is a dream, then you are the most beautiful apparition.

Seen on the side of a bridge during my morning walk. Street haiku.

Flower pins!

Vinyl flower pins with embroidered centers. Big size (4 inches across). Really liking the gold ones 🙂

Adding to my etsy shop, and lightning hopefully only strikes once


The metal roof where the lightning hit


The light switch plate shattered and flew across the room, and this switch looks kind of scorchy

I’ve been listing items on etsy today, with more to come!

The Blue Genie Art Bazaar was good for me, thank you all so much for your support! I sold most of what I had there. I wish I’d been able to make more, but I’ve been out of production due to lightning striking my studio. I’m totally serious, lightning struck my studio. The wiring isn’t quite fixed yet so no overhead light or outlets working. I have to say I feel really very lucky there wasn’t a fire, no one was hurt (my kids were terrified!) and the damage is just around the studio. Ironically I had been working on some pieces with lightning bolt appliques before the storm. Hmm…

I had some surge protectors, not very good ones (a friend gave me one of these Tripp Lite Isobar Surge Protectors after the incident). It was a pretty direct hit (see the photo of the metal roof there on the left, and the scorchy light switch near the point of entry) and I did lose a color laser printer and a wireless base station.

I had just enough hang tags for the stock I had, and display stuff already printed out.  And fortunately all my sewing machines and my favorite shop lamp are ok, I can run them with extension cords until the wiring and the lights are fixed up. January is always a good time to refocus and set some goals, now that I’ve recovered from the holiday busy season, and I have some purging and organizing and cleaning to do before I can hunker down in the studio.

Happy New Year!


In a Metallic Mood

I’ve been working with metallics, found a lovely oxen grained silver, gold (Finally! Who knew it’d be so hard to find in the weight I wanted!), pebbled bronze, and brushed bronze. Made a convertible wristlet (strap can be snapped to side or top D-ring), shown in silver.

SIlver Metallic Wrislet

SIlver Metallic Wrislet

Also, using up little pieces, as shown in this brushed bronze/silver combo zippie.
Dot Donut Metallic Zippie

Dot Donut Metallic Zippie

I’m making stuff for the upcoming Blue Genie Art Bazzar (November 28-December 24th), which is coming up fast! Back to sewing and making donuts. xoxox jna

25 Vintage Magazine Covers from Japan – 50 Watts

Vintage Japanese magazine cover

25 Vintage Magazine Covers from Japan – 50 Watts. Came across this page via Facebook, great images. Enjoy!

Halloween book-a-day

While looking for ideas for a Halloween advent calendar I came across this unique idea of a {halloween book countdown} by Kierste of brown paper packages of fun (and not too scary!) Halloween books for the 3-8yo set to count down the 31 days to Halloween–starting with October 1st.

Last night over here we read Halloween Motel by Sean Diviny and illustrated by Joe Rocco, which might be a little scary for younger, more sensitive kiddos.

    Kierste’s 2010 List:
    1. Too Many Pumpkins, Linda White
    2. Pumpkin Soup, Helen Cooper
    3. The Biggest Pumpkin Ever, Steven Kroll
    4. Pumpkin Circle: The Story of a Garden, George Levenson
    5. How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin?, Margaret McNamara
    6. Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Jeanne Titherington
    7. In the Haunted House, Eve Bunting
    8. Room on the Broom, Julie Donaldson
    9. The Little Old Lady Who Wasn’t Afraid of Anything, Linda Williams
    10. The Night Before Halloween, Natasha Wing
    11. The Berenstain Bears Trick or Treat, Stan & Jan Berenstain
    12. The Big Pumpkin, Erica Silverman
    13. The Vanishing Pumpkin, Tomie dePaola
    14. Humbug Witch, Lorna Balian
    15. Bug That Go Bump in the Night, David A. Carter
    16. Five Little Pumpkins, Iris Van Rynbach
    17. Scary, Scary, Halloween, Eve Bunting
    18. Peek-A-Booooo!, Marie Torres Cimarusti
    19. Mrs. McMurphy’s Pumpkin, Rick Walton
    20. It’s Halloween!, Jack Prelutsky
    21. Thirteen Nights of Halloween, Rebecca Dickinson
    22. Miss Fiona’s Stupendous Pumpkin Pies, Mark Kimball Moulton
    23. Ten Timid Ghosts, Jennifer O’ Connell
    24. The Bumpy Little Pumpkin, Margery Cuyler
    25. Halloween Night, Arden Druce
    26. Haunted Castle on Hallows’ Eve, Mary Pope Osborne
    27. All Hallow’s Eve – The Story of the Halloween Fairy, Lisa S. Johnson
    28. Pumpkin Hill, Elizabeth Spurr
    29. Skeleton Hiccups, Margery Cuyler
    30. The Ugly Pumpkin, Dave Horowitz
    31. Trick or Treat Countdown, Patricia Hubbard
    Bonus suggestions via comments:
    32. “The Hallo-Wiener” by Dav Pilkey, about a dachshund
    33. “Where’s my Mummy” by Carolyn Crimeny, about a little mummy playing hide and seek with his mummy just before bedtime
    34. “Black Cat Creeping”
    36. Big Pumpkin
    37. Humbug Witch
    38. The Little Old Woman Who was not afraid of anything!
    39. The Runaway Pumpkin!
    40. A Woggle of Witches by Adrienne Adams,
    41. “John Pig’s Halloween”
    42. Frankie Stein (Lola M Schaefer)
    43. Skeleton Hiccups
    44. Big Pumpkin by Erica Silverman
    45. Spookley the square pumpkin, by Joe Troiano!
    46. Room on the Broom
    47. Skippyjon Jones in Mummy Trouble, by Judy Schachner (we read this one year-round)
    48. The Widow’s Broom, by Chirs Van Allsburg
    49. Moonlight: The Halloween Cat by Cynthia Rylant
    50. In a Dark, Dark Wood, An Old Tale with a New Twist by David Carter (pop up ghost in the back)
    Our addition(s):
    51. Halloween Motel by Sean Diviny and illustrated by Joe Rocco
    52.The Ghost Family Meets its Match (Story and pictures by Nicole Rubel)

Other lists I found in my travels:
Learning with Mrs. Parker

Peace, Love and Rainbows’ countdown to All Hallows Eve

We couldnt find any of these other titles at our library, BUT I didn’t search the computer index, just the shelves. Probably need to start earlier next year?

I did find several advent calendar projects (and will post links) kiddo #1 was excited about (we get very busy this time of year and aren’t able to decorate the house as much as he’d like, and many of our crafts only survive one year.)

11/17/11 Found a bunch of spooky books in the Folklore and Fairytale section of our library we will be revisiting. The Ghost Family Meets its Match (Story and pictures by Nicole Rubel) has had multiple readings since we checked it out yesterday.

With kids about 4 years apart there have been some instances that books or videos DS #1 is interested in are still a bit too scary for DS #2. For example, Y loves Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride, zombies and mummies, etc. and has since he was maybe 3yo? H at 2yo is not ready for most of Y’s faves.

Our Visit to the Blanton

Kiddo #1, his Godmother M, and I went to the Blanton for a lunch date, and to check out the Stacked Wave installation I’d read about. Seeing it in real life, experiencing the actual scale was very cool.

Y’s favorite piece was the installation How to Build Cathedrals, with black netting drapes, 600,000 coins, 800 communion wafers, 2000 cattle bones, and 80 paving stones. We had to clear out when Y got too into it (literally).

We should make it out to the museums more often. Y forgets that not everyone is a ‘maker’ as a good percentage of our friends are artists as well. He was sad when he thought boys/men didn’t sew, but i said I can teach him to sew when he’s ready age/focus/hand-eye… but if I come across a good used starter machine I’ll set it aside for him. If it’s pink he can put skater stickers on it, or give it a custom paint job and pimp it out.

Thrifty food and meal planning (vegetarian-heavy)

Still adding to this list, notes, etc…

Meal Plan Monday (Veggie meal plans from Half Pint Pixie)
$40 Frugal Vegan Weekly Meal Plan for 4(PDF link)
A Year of Slow Cooking (vegetarian)
Cook For Good

New independent fabric store Common Thread

New independent fabric store in Austin, Common Thread grand opening tomorrow 9/24 @ 701-E So Lamar Blvd in 78704 http://www.commonthreadfabric.com

Blue Genie Art Rummage Garage Warehouse Sale Sept 19-20, 2009

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